Polymer Clay Charm Update [5/12//14]

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Hello guys! So welcome to my first craft update! I wouldn't be able to update frequently with these because I'll be very busy with school and especially now, finals. I mostly work with polymer clay and...that's pretty much it unless I get some inspiration to do something else. Plus, I love to draw but I don't think my artworks are that great. Besides, I'm terrible at coming up with original ideas. >.< I can work on that, though. Hehe~

As for now, I DO NOT plan to sell them yet. My schedules are too overwhelming to keep a constant shop. All the creating, managing, promotion, and shipping consume time and energy. This moment is so critical to my school career, so maybe some time in the future, I'll open an etsy/storenvy shop. ^^ Until then, I'll still continue to make crafts because that's one of my longest and beloved hobbies <3. Anyways, enjoy!

Mini-donut charms!

Cookie charms

Dango charms

Jelly on toast *O*

A pair of lovers' cookie heart charm (one of my fav)

And...last but not least, this thing ^^

Let me know what you think of them! I love to hear comments and room for improvements or suggestions. ^^

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2 Responses to Polymer Clay Charm Update [5/12//14]

  1. Estab Ninex

    These are so cute! I hope you do well on your finals.

    With Love,
    Emily from est9x.blogspot.com

  2. Mims Amy

    Hehe thank you <3 And thank you again! I checked out your blog and it's adorable :3 Followed you on bloglovin!

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