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i'm Amy.

Kpop ♥ Fashion ♥ Lifestyle ♥ Beauty ♥ Art ♥ Dance

I am someone who is confused about life, but at the same time, curious. (I will end my philosophical phase right here.) *ahem*

HELLO! ^^ I'm Amy, or Mimi/Mims if you decide to go with the nicknames I gave for myself (None of which are my real names...MWAHAHA.) I am someone who is terrible at writing introductions and "About Me" pages so I'll just start from the beginning to make things simpler.

I was born in China and was raised there for seven years before I moved to the U.S. It was not until the summer of 2012 when I moved to Michigan, the state of my current residence. At first I DREADED its cold winter and the not-so-interesting school that I was attending. Fortunately, I later transferred to a much better school for high school, and now I love it here! Some time during that winter season, when I was wrapped in a winter blanket and messing around online, I found Kpop.(*O*) I was immediately fascinated. Then I grew more into EXO the January of 2013. I continue to love them and the all of the SMTOWN artists. Amy stop, enough with kpop.

I've always had an interest in fashion and beauty. Ever since I was little, my mom loved to dress me up in clothes that she bought, and I happily received many clothes (especially dresses and skirts) as presents from my parents' friends and relatives. Who didn't want to be a princess or pop star when they were younger? I'm not exactly sure how fashion would be involved in my future career, but I'm positive that SHOPPING will always be one of the things that'll never leave my life. Hehe.

I am not nearly as knowledgeable or experienced as many of the beauty gurus or expertise out there in the beauty field. In fact, I barely know how to properly remove make-up. *shifts feet guiltily* Although I never wear make up in a day-to-day basis, I am absolutely fascinated by how make-up can completely transform someone. I feel no necessity in applying make up to my everyday life, but I DO appreciate make-up a lot as an art. So, I am very enthusiastic to learn the secrets and skills of make-up for that matter.

Beauty is another story, though. I somewhat link beauty to health, sort of. Taking care of my skin is something I try to do (well) everyday and not be lazy about it. I sometimes experiment all sorts of beauty products to see what's the best for my skin. Want a review? I can definitely do the job because my sensitive skin can detect the slightest flaw in its composition, but not enough to damage my skin. I'll try to talk more about protecting your skin in my blog posts later on, so I'm not gonna ramble any further. ^^

Oh. I suddenly realized how much I wrote. Okay, let's make this short. I like reading horoscopes, finding out about blood type personalities, personalities in general, anything art-related, dancing, music, and anything else I forgot to mention.

I'd love to get to know you guys and make friends. ^^ Feel free to talk to me or contact me for any questions, comments, or just you want to because you have no life like me.

What other social media should I get.