Shopping Haul! [5/17/14] - Forever 21, Victoria's Secret, + MORE!

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♡ Shopping Haul!

Hello peeps! I went to the mall yesterday with my friend, but it wasn't a HUUUGE shopping spree or anything. I bought the majority of my items from Forever 21, then I bought some at Victoria's Secret, Rue 21 (my friend wanted a Batman shirt), and a CAPTAIN AMERICA shield shirt from Hot Topic! It felt nice to take a break from school and studying a couple weeks until finals. ^^

1st Stop: Forever 21!

This lovely denim vest <3

Simple, but fresh-looking white tank top on sale. And YES, the "New York" tee is purposely reversed and upside down. Mustache = #1.

These are some simple and adorable lip items for some friends I plan to give as presents when I'm going to China this summer! (Which is in exactly 3 weeks, YAAY!)

2nd Stop (or 4th, I should say ;) ): Rue 21

Well, my friend REALLY wanted to buy a Batman shirt. At first, she bought a tee shirt from Hot Topic for $20, but later found a MUCH CHEAPER and much better fit at Rue 21. (We had to run all the way back to Hot Topic to exchange that shirt for my Captain America t-shirt...hehe.) It was buy one, get one 50% off at the t-shirt section, so I was like, why not? I lack simple cotton shirts with awesome quotes like these anyways. ;)

Stop #Iforgot: Victoria's Secret

 I only bought one item from Victoria's Secret, which, btw, sells amazing perfume. Not that I wear perfume frequently, I just likes them and I wants them! ^.^ It took literally forever to decide on my favorite scent. After I had used up both of my arms for spray testing, I decided on Midnight Dare. (My next choice would have been Coconut Passion <3)
 **Captain American T-Shirt - too geeky to post it here =)

I think that's about it guys! My next update might be some spring/summer outfit ideas! ^^

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  1. Mango RabbitRabbit

    aww kitty lip balm!! So cute!! :D

  2. Mims Amy

    Haha thank you! ^^

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