Shopping Haul - Beauty Products + Bag [5/24/14]

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Shopping Haul~

I don't know what's gonna into me! It's a little bit more than a week until finals, but what am I doing? Shopping. Yes. (Technically, it was my mom who suggested going and I agreed.) Enough of that, I'll just show you what I bought. ^.^ Honestly though I am a bad student.I should be studying.But no one is studying. >w<

I purchased this backpack at Kohl's. You can call it love at first sight~ (trust me it looks cooler in person *O*)

All of these are from Marshals, a store which my mom loves to go to because of its cheap price for basically anything.

A travel cosmetic bag~ This will definitely come in handy for the China trip in the summer! Plus it's super glossy and smooth...

This is the H2O+ Sea Mineral Scrub for exfoliation, which is going to replace my Lancome Pure Focus scrub once it's all used up. They don't manufactore the Pure Focus scrub anymore, which is a shame because I really loved it!

So one time, I was in a hotel in Orlando Florida (it was a pretty hotel >3<), they had these AMAZING Crabtree & Evelyn body lotions that smelled INCREDIBLE. They came in these little hotel bodies, but they can't be purchased elsewhere. Anyhow, I started loving C&E's lotions but I never really had the luck to come by them in stores. Luckily, today~

Two e.l.f. eyeliners. One comes with a silver shadow stick!

More e.l.f. shadow sticks (because they were cheap, okay xD) and they were the exact colors that I was looking for!

Well that's pretty much about it! Thanks for viewing~ I should go back to studying now ._.

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