8 Easy Ways to a Beautiful You

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These are the simple 10 methods that you can start doing right now to improve your external and internal health.
And you can start, right now.
Lots of Water
You should know already that 6-8 bottles of water each day is mandatory for your body. But how many of you actually meet the requirements? Not only is it mandatory and beneficial to your internal health, it can actually make you look younger, brighter skin, and healthier by going through the process of cleaning out waste and materials in your body. The effect is not immediate, but patience will do you no wrong. Don’t drink water only when you’re thirsty; drink water whenever you can!
Beauty Sleep
Why is sleep so important? Because that is the time when your body is going through the process of cleaning out waste materials. When you don’t sleep for the right amount of hours, your body isn’t receiving the appropriate amount of time to do their work. Besides, you don’t want to wake up with ugly dark circles under your eyes, right? Try to get at least 8 hours a day, but don’t go over 10 hours. That also means: stop procrastinating! I know what our generation is up to these days. ;)
Stay Clean
This sounds like common sense. But still, people seem to forget them. Basic things such as washing hands before touching your face, frequently washing face towels (basically anything that comes in contact with the face), washing hair at appropriate times are pretty much mandatory. Truthfully, all those bacterias and oils are the main reasons for the existence of those ugly red devils! You will be surprise to find out how beneficial staying consistently clean can be.

Drink Milk
If you’re lactose intolerant, skip this. We still love you, but it probably won’t benefit you, sadly. ;(
Anyways, there are numerous advantages from drinking milk everyday, and they’re not just beneficial to bones. People often tend to forget that milk is a natural and powerful beauty modifier. Besides its amazing benefits to other parts of the body, milk contains beauty counselors such as iron, copper, and vitamin A. If you don’t like milk, try yogurt. Although yogurt is not nearly as efficient as milk, it’s still marvelous. It’s best to drink one cup of milk right before you go to bed, so the jobs can be done while you’re asleep!

Eat Fruits
A lot of healthy food that apply to a healthy body also apply to a healthy physical appearance. Avoid eating oily and fried food that I won’t even bother to mention because they are too typical. Again, those dreadful red spots will start to show up after eating those greasy food. Make the right choice and eat more fruits! Any fruit will do your face and body good deeds, so don’t forget them.

Beauty Products Usage
It’s super important to correctly choose and use the right cosmetics that’s specially for you. But here are just some of the basic things to keep in mind:
1. Choose Your Products
Because different people have different types of skins and reactions to beauty products, what’s best for others might not be the best for you. The only way to know is to explore new products that fit best for your skin and situation. Using an ineffective product is the same and sometimes worse than doing nothing at all. Don’t just look for brand names and trends. Choose what is the best for you.
2. Have a Routine
Once you have your products are chosen, know what face cleanser, moisturizer, and other products you’re going to use in your daily face cleansing routine. Keeping a routine is important for daily hygiene consistency.
3. Don’t Overuse!
Some people think that the more products you use, the better the results will be. Or that some will think the more you use, the faster the results will show. There’s one thing I need to tell you: don’t overstuff those chemicals on your face. Only use what’s appropriate.

I have to say, over 80% of a person's beauty comes from the posture and attitude. You can have a pretty face, but a poor posture will cause your whole appearance to degrade. This may sound like some old grandma shouting at you about sitting properly or keeping your back straight. But the truth is, these old tricks are not fraud. Carry yourself with confidence A person’s aura and charisma can sometimes overpower the negativities of that person. Ladies, keep that in mind.

Don't Be Lazy!*
Now that all these effective ways are mention, you have to start taking actions and actually apply these to your daily life. Don’t ever think about delaying doing this or that, because of lack of time or your own laziness. If you’re always going to tell yourself “oh, I’ll just eat a cup of ice cream today and start eating fruits tomorrow”, you’re never going to get anything done. Start right now!
I hope these tips and advice can help you feel more confident about yourself, both physically and mentally. Look into the mirror after a couple weeks or months of following these advice above;  do you feel more beautiful?

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