Shopping Haul - Beauty Products + Bag [5/24/14]

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Shopping Haul~

I don't know what's gonna into me! It's a little bit more than a week until finals, but what am I doing? Shopping. Yes. (Technically, it was my mom who suggested going and I agreed.) Enough of that, I'll just show you what I bought. ^.^ Honestly though I am a bad student.I should be studying.But no one is studying. >w<

I purchased this backpack at Kohl's. You can call it love at first sight~ (trust me it looks cooler in person *O*)

All of these are from Marshals, a store which my mom loves to go to because of its cheap price for basically anything.

A travel cosmetic bag~ This will definitely come in handy for the China trip in the summer! Plus it's super glossy and smooth...

Polymer Clay Charm Update [5/12//14]

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Hello guys! So welcome to my first craft update! I wouldn't be able to update frequently with these because I'll be very busy with school and especially now, finals. I mostly work with polymer clay and...that's pretty much it unless I get some inspiration to do something else. Plus, I love to draw but I don't think my artworks are that great. Besides, I'm terrible at coming up with original ideas. >.< I can work on that, though. Hehe~

As for now, I DO NOT plan to sell them yet. My schedules are too overwhelming to keep a constant shop. All the creating, managing, promotion, and shipping consume time and energy. This moment is so critical to my school career, so maybe some time in the future, I'll open an etsy/storenvy shop. ^^ Until then, I'll still continue to make crafts because that's one of my longest and beloved hobbies <3. Anyways, enjoy!

Shopping Haul! [5/17/14] - Forever 21, Victoria's Secret, + MORE!

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♡ Shopping Haul!

Hello peeps! I went to the mall yesterday with my friend, but it wasn't a HUUUGE shopping spree or anything. I bought the majority of my items from Forever 21, then I bought some at Victoria's Secret, Rue 21 (my friend wanted a Batman shirt), and a CAPTAIN AMERICA shield shirt from Hot Topic! It felt nice to take a break from school and studying a couple weeks until finals. ^^

1st Stop: Forever 21!

This lovely denim vest <3

Simple, but fresh-looking white tank top on sale. And YES, the "New York" tee is purposely reversed and upside down. Mustache = #1.

These are some simple and adorable lip items for some friends I plan to give as presents when I'm going to China this summer! (Which is in exactly 3 weeks, YAAY!)

Fashion Finds - Spring (5/13/14)

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Hallo guys (whoever's reading this)! This is going to be my first fashion-related post on my new blog! ^^ I decided to start with online findings on shopping websites I really love. I hope you'll enjoy looking at them like I did! Skirts, shorts, dresses, tops - we can all play around with these because the warmer weather really gives us more choices for fashion. Sadly for me, though, I'm stuck wearing school uniforms everyday so I don't get the freedom to choose the majority of my spring fashion (my fav!!) like the rest of you lucky ducks. At least I have the weekends and the whole summer to enjoy trying out new clothes!

'Nuff said. Enjoy these!

All the following were found on mogujie. 


8 Easy Ways to a Beautiful You

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These are the simple 10 methods that you can start doing right now to improve your external and internal health.
And you can start, right now.